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“I met Melissa in September (2010) through Tim Hudson who is an assistant coach with the Sydney Kings. From the first session with Melissa I realised that she has a great understanding and background in natural healing and Pilates. Melissa helped me out enormously to get back on the court asap!  After a major right quad tendon tear and repair almost 18 months prior, I needed alot of extra work to get my body and legs firing again. Through a steady weekly workload we were able to maintain and strengthen during the season to end. I recommend you see Melissa when you’re ready to take the next step”.

Benjamin J Knight  

Sydney Kings Captain 2010/11 season

“Having started Pilates this year with Melissa it has really helped with my core strength, stability and durability of my body. Having done conventional sit-ups my whole life I felt my core was strong but after working with Melissa it untapped a whole new set of muscles and stabilizers that have helped me with my overall basketball game. I even do Pilates before games because it fires up my core and gets all my muscles switched on in order for me to perform at the best of my ability”.

Ben Madgen - Player 2010 to 2015

NBL 2010/11 Rookie of the Year

“I worked with Melissa at her studio for 2 to 3 months while trying to work my way back form 2 calf injuries. I was not very well balanced strength wise and with the workouts that Melissa showed me I was able to come back from injury much quicker and to get my body back to a position that I could play. This was the first time I had ever tried Pilates and I enjoyed it a great deal. I would encourage any athlete to make this a part of their workout regime as it will both increase strength and muscle awareness while limiting the chance of getting hurt. I can now happily say that my glutes are firing. Thanks.”  

Mark Dickel       Sydney Kings 2010/11 season

Pilates High Performance Training

Working with athletes at an elite level is both challenging and very rewarding. At Hudson Barry Pilates we will help fine tune the body for an upcoming season or help you on the road to recovery from an injury or back to your full potential after a well deserved break.

"Concentrate on the correct movement each time you exercise, lest you do them improperly and thus lose all the vital benefits.  Correctly executed and mastered to the point of subconscious reaction, these exercises will reflect grace and balance in your routine activities."

                                                                                                                    Joseph Hubertus Pilates