hudson barry pilates

All NEW clients must commence with a private Intro Package or a beginner course*

*if available - must be injury free for beginner or post natal or sport specific courses

Instructor IC          $95

Intro package        $395

IC + 3 privates OR if appropriate*

IC + 2 privates + 2 regular sessions

Fit & Well Intro      $195

IC + 2 regular sessions

NEW clients once only

Practitioner IC     $130

Intro package      $495

IC + 3 privates OR if appropriate*

IC + 2 privates + 2 regular sessions*

* Your instructor will decide if you're ready for the regular sessions, based on our understanding of what we need you to be able to execute safely within a group session. This approach is to honour your journey & the authentic Pilates method which is incredibly effective when taught correctly. It is like learning a new language. This approach also allows you to work efficiently towards your goals & facilitates adequate flow for everyone in a group session.

Regular sessions

*all sessions must be pre booked & paid

$55 Single

(online booking & payment only & only available after intro package)

$480 10 pack

6 month expiry (online booking & payment only)

$450 10 pack     

3 month expiry (online booking & payment only)

Member Term Fee Rates

1/week $550 - 13 sessions issued $42ea

*depending on length of term you may need to attend 2/week some weeks to complete the

package within the term.

2/week* $1100 - 28 sessions issued $39ea

*depending on length of term may need to attend 3/week some weeks to complete the package.

3/week $1365 - 39 sessions issued $35ea

*as long as you can complete 35 sessions this is value for money.based on a 13 week term

Private training

*all sessions must be pre booked & paid

with a Practitioner level trainer (PAA)

$150 Single

Practitioner - Melissa Barry ND

(online booking & payment only & only available after intro package)

$1250 10 pack     

3 month expiry unless taken in addition to a member pack then 6 month expiry

with an Instructor level 1 - 4 (PAA)

$105 Single

Instructor - level 1 - 4

(online booking & payment only & only available after intro package)

$990 10 pack     

3 month expiry unless taken in addition to a member pack then 6 month expiry

Our teachers are members of the PAA

2019 price list

Please read our Studio Terms & Conditions

Classes must be pre-booked & pre-paid.

We require 24hrs notice to reschedule a class, due to small class sizes.

Please make all cancellations online. If unable to do this please SMS 0408 825 102

Membership packages are issued as a full term package. All sessions expire at the end of each term.

If taking up a membership package you agree to make a commitment to attend regular sessions each week for the entire term with permanent recurring bookings in your preferred classes each week.

You can adjust the pattern of your attendance to accommodate travel as long as you complete your package within the scheduled term & you must still notify inability with 24hrs or full class is charged to your package.

As a courtesy

* Please notify short cancellations (within 24hrs) by SMS 0408 825 102 so we have the option of re-arranging classes or  

  filling your spot with a wait list request (if we can fill your spot you will get to reschedule your session).


* NO perfume while attending the studio please.

We run 4 terms per year. Offering 48 weeks of scheduled members classes each calendar year

*we close for 2 -3 weeks at Christmas and 1-2 weeks of the July school holidays

All sessions and packages are:

• Non refundable

• May be transferred to a spouse or child but they may require a paid private to prepare them for the classes. This is

   at our discretion.

• All sessions must still be pre booked either online once your package is established or via our recurring booking list

• 24hrs notice to cancel all sessions or full fee charged (class deducted from package) terms fees due by week 2 of each

  term to hold recurring bookings (or monthly agreement in writing)

• Special courses have no make ups available

• In the final 2 weeks of term PLEASE request for your booking to be rolled over in our ADMIN book or NOTIFY in

  writing your inability for the following term (or partial term if you have travel plans) so that we can offer your

  permanent booking to someone else.

• No Jewellery or zippers on the equipment please

• Do not lift or move large apparatus

• Please return ALL small apparatus to its spot when finished using it to prevent injuries in the studio

• If you BECOME injured stop immediately

• If your injury status changes or you are pregnant PLEASE ADVISE your instructor (discreetly if necessary) PRIOR to your  

  next session.

• TIME extensions to packages carries a fee (a fee that reverts the class to the casual rate)

• Memerbships can be placed on hold for minimum 1 week (1 weeks written notice) maximum 4 weeks, although we

  prefer if you're aware prior to term, please advise if greater than 2 weeks and we can pro-rata your package so that your  

  expiry dates stay in line with our scheduled terms.

• If you wish to extend the 3 month expiry 10 pack the fee will be charged to convert it to the 6 month expiry package.

We respect your privacy. We do not share your email address with any third parties. We only communicate with third party practitioners if they have referred you to us or if we are referring you to them with your permission.

If we take photos in the studio, we will ask your permission before displaying your image publicly.

How to book

via email to

via sms to 0408 825102

via the online schedule

Account Details for direct deposits

Hudson Barry Pty Ltd

BSB: 082 201

Acct: 54811 5583

Reference: Please use your surname & initials

or Company name for corporate bookings.

Receipts for health funds will be issued when requested.

Please sms or email notifications of payment.

Surry Hills