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Our business is about results, this page is all about letting our results speak for themselves, so here is what just some of our valued clients have to say about team Hudson Barry.

“5 scenes in studio then off to see the best in the Business @HudsonBpilates to get my ankle sorted “!

Dan Ewing (Home & Away cast 2011)

@HudsonBpilates it definitely helps! Not too much longer until every sport team is doing pilates

Ben Madgen (Sydney Kings 2011 to 2014)

I recently had surgery on my lower back after herniating a disc between my L4 and L5. For almost 12 months prior I was living with quite severe pain and my quality of life was terrible. I was refereed to Melissa after my surgery and I have to admit I wasn't sure what to expect with Pilates and how it would help me. I couldn't have been further from the truth.

Melissa took the time to go through my injury and surgery in detail and then started working with me a few times a week. The positive results were instant. I would walk away from every session feeling stronger and with a renewed sense of confidence in my body healing. Something, I realise I was lacking.

Without a doubt that has been the most positive experience of working with Melissa, the realisation that I am healing properly and that ongoing Pilates will give me the strength and confidence to get back to where I was pre-injury. Thank you so much for everything

Matt M (30yr old)

I am a 40 year old male and have played soccer for 36 years. I have always prided myself on never having a major injury from the game and if I have ever strained a muscle or twisted something I always took good care of the injury and have never had to stop playing for more than a game or two. However, that all changed on Saturday, 17th April, 2010. I was playing soccer early in the season, and as I waited for a corner kick to come my way I felt a sharp jab in my calf muscle. I went down like a sack of spuds, accusing my opposition of hacking me down from behind. He vehemently denied it as I dragged myself off the field in agony.

Long story, short: My opponent didn't take me out, my calf muscle just snapped from a slight movement of my leg. I saw a specialist on the Monday, had an ultrasound and was diagnosed with a 3cm tear in my right calf. I was told I would be off the field for 10 weeks, with a need for on-going physiotherapy and other treatments. Whilst I was disappointed to be off the soccer field for virtually the whole season I was devastated to be missing a major golf game in a fortnight.

My wife has been attending Pilates classes with Melissa Hudson Barry for the past 8 years and has always told me to see Melissa whenever I had an injury. I have never felt the need for assistance prior to this because I know how to take care of muscle strains and slight tears, but with the golf game looming I thought it was time to get another opinion.

I visited Melissa on the Thursday after the initial injury. Melissa said she could probably halve the recovery time using a treatment method called Biomesotherapy/Biopuncture. I agreed and so she treated me. It involved oral administration of homoeopathic preparations followed directly with subcutaneous saline injections directly into the site of the injury. She then sent me home with Traumeel ™ tablets to continue the treatment of the deep muscle repair. I then had a follow up treatment on the Saturday. Prior to seeing Melissa I had been unable to walk without crutches; on the Friday I returned to work, unaided and walking by myself with barely a limp. After the second treatment, people did not believe me when I said I had a tear in my calf muscle that was less than a week old. There was no limp and very little pain.

Two weeks after my initial injury I played my golf game. Four weeks after the initial injury I returned to the soccer field and, some weeks, have even been playing for two teams. The treatment Melissa gave me appeared nothing short of a miracle and the guys I play soccer with are all in awe of my unheard of recovery time.

From an expected 10 weeks out of action on the soccer field to just 4 weeks, and only 2 weeks to being able to walk the golf course and swing a club for 18 holes, I can't thank Melissa enough for her help and expertise in treating my muscle tear. And all this with only two treatments.

I would highly recommend that anyone with a sports injury visit Melissa and take advantage of her extensive knowledge and alternative therapies. Whether it is a big or small

injury, Melissa has an arsenal of treatments at her disposal and a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. It was definitely the right course of action for me.

Mark A.

Hi  Melissa,

I love the class it is so much fun and at the same time I'm working out. I can't dance but anyone can shake their booty!! Thanks so much. (This term she did the dance class with Heloise as well as a Pilates matwork class).

Ellen C      

Ellen’s story is inspirational. When Ellen first walked into Hudson Barry she had just begun to lose weight by cutting out junk food and was ready to try exercise. She was also a little timid about it all. Yet as it turns out, she finally found something she could stick with. Ellen loved Pilates & the Hudson Barry Studio & Ellen has been with us now for 7years!  Ellen was also diagnosed with PCOS making the prospect of losing weight seem like an insermountable challenge. Melissa monitored Ellen & taught her how to eat to prevent muscle loss & just lose fat, as her attempts at losing weight were working, but she was losing muscle as well. (which would eventually slow her weight loss no matter how she ate).  Ellen went on to lose 46kg in total, found a good man, got married and had a beautiful baby boy (now 1year old). Until falling pregnant, Ellen had managed to keep her weight off, so now the challenge was to shift the baby weight. Ellen shifted from reformer to matwork (as she finds that more challenging), added our dance class (cardio) and began eating according to the Dukan diet, which is very similar to how Melissa taught her to eat 7 years ago. As I write this, Ellen has lost 9kg (over 10 weeks) with another 5 or so to go to achieve her pre-baby body.  Well done Ellen - you're an inspiration to others struggling with their weight & PCOS!   (ed note: PCOS leaves women very vulnerable to easy weight gain, but as you can see by Ellen’s story, with the right nutritional information, a supportive team & Pilates, your dreams are possible).

Hi Melissa

I will definitely be booking for next year. I can honestly say that I ‘have been brought to the other side’ and can’t imagine not coming to your studio. I feel alive and full of energy, I can’t believe that I have been stuck in a rut for so long. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.

I am just not sure whether to continue the sessions that I am doing or opt for one of the memberships you have on offer. I can commit to 2-3 sessions each week and I am open to suggestions as to what I should be aiming for.

Broken no more


I would like to say thanks to Melissa and her team from Hudson Barry Pilates for everything they have done in helping me recover from a back injury.

I was told to give up the sport I have played and loved for the last 27 Years. I was told to spray my boots gold and hang them in the shed. Thanks to the rehabilitation programme that Melissa has put me on, combined with her knowledge in biomesotherapy and naturopathic remedies, I have been able to clean the boots up and get back on the Football (soccer)park. My body has been Re-Engineered making it stronger and more flexible.

Since joining Pilates in February of this year, I have not only recovered well from my injury, with very little back pain, but have also been able to lose 4.5KG's in the process.

Thanks again Melissa and I look forward to a back pain free future!!!

Kindest Regards,

Thomas M.


Steve and I wanted to express our appreciation for your help over the last year in refocusing our approach to exercise. Not only do we look forward to our regular Pilates reformer classes, we definitely notice missing them even over the shortest of holiday breaks.

Improvements in strength, posture, flexibility, balance, weight loss and general fitness are all outcomes from our sessions. We’re confident that the key to these changes is the Pilates approach. But it’s also that by keeping class sizes small, and correcting and encouraging all your students, we have been able to see the benefits in the way our bodies feel and look.

We definitely recommend your classes to our friends. Because you vary the routines, focus on each students individual needs, and never get exasperated when asked for another time, “what springs do I use for this exercise?” your patience, extensive knowledge and teaching skills are much appreciated.


Les and Steve S.

Hi Melissa,

I thought I would send you a quick email.

I was intending on returning to Pilates to get in shape for my up coming Wedding next year and have since found another reason to return to some classes, as I am expecting my first baby, due on 1st February.

As you may remember I already had quite a weak back due to my failed spinal surgeries and now with the added stress from the pregnancy, I couldn't think of a better way to try and strengthen my core than with Pilates.  My Obstetrician agrees as well.

I wanted to see what type of class you would recommend as the best suited for me? ......we are saving for a Wedding and now a baby, but I thought even if I can do a few classes, I will be better off. At the moment I have no idea what sort of exercise I should be doing to strengthen my back and stomach, so I am in need of your expertise.

Also, you might be pleased to know that I owe a lot to my previous Pilates classes with you. I wasn't able to work before and I am now managing a Tour Company, which I have been with for 2 1/2 years and I have also just completed a Website Design degree as well.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully returning to classes as well.


Katie J.

My name is Bethany Pledger and I am a competitive water ski racer. I had been competing in races most weekends for over 15 years, I was becoming disillusioned with competing and was tired of the repetitive gym training. I decided to take a break from the sport and focus on finishing my post graduate degree. After well over a year away from the sport I decided to return to racing but this time to approach competitions, and in particular my training, from a new angle. I had heard about the benefits of Pilates on improving core stability and thought it would be a gentle way of getting me back into regular exercise.

I joined a beginners class with Hudson Barry pilates. It wasn't long before I was attending multiple matwork classes as well as bosu, power plate and reformer classes.

The resulting improvements in my skiing were far greater than what I had hoped for. Obviously my core stability had improved which helped reduce muscle soreness around the abdomen and lower back areas (which I had previously suffered from during and after races). However I was amazed to notice improvements in so many other areas, including :

Endurance - I have learnt to switch on alternative muscle groupsbwhen the major musles have become fatigued.

Breathing techniques - I was no longer becoming breathless in short intense periods.

Flexibility - I now use Melissa's stretching positions before and after each race, which has reduced my post race muscle soreness. I also notice the added flexibility which I know will reduce the risk of injury during a fall whilst racing.

My first season back was very competitive and my team and I performed very well. This year was the first time that I have gone to the USA to compete in a race called Catalina Island, it is a marathon of 60 miles in ocean swells. I'm happy to say that I finished in a good time with no falls. I'm looking forward to the coming season and am expecting to be competing for Women's speed records in races all across Australia.

I would like to thank Melissa from Hudson Barry pilates for all her help with the above improvements, but most of all for helping me to get interested and stay interested in a now very varied and alternative training regime.

Thank you


Update: Bethany made the Australian team for the World Titles in Belgium.........THE LAST RACE

This newsletter has been delayed because the last three days have been continuos racing for the womens world title. The third race at Antwerp was cancelled after ten minutes racing due to heavy rain, and was rescheduled for the next day at Verseil. I skied awsome in the re-run race, in extremely rough water I was holding on to third position for a period of the race until I had a fall. Fortunately I got up and going again quickly but then had another slip up on the last lap. Then due to the way the point score is structured was penalised for a slow last lap and was positioned 8th for that race. I wasnt the only one, again the majority of the racers out there had 1, 2 or more stops.


We then backed it up again for the 4th race, which was again at Verseil. Unfortunately my body had started to feel the effects of  a week of the toughest racing, and I was exhausted. Im just happy to be finished and relaxing now.


The mens race was again spectacular, with a contreversal finish. Wayne Mawer was eventually crowned the World Champion. I have been really honoured to be on a team amongst such legends. On a whole it was a fabulous experience and I couldnt have done it without all of your help. Thank you very much to all of you.




8th in the world

xoxo (july 28, 2009)

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My name is Margaret, I am 70 years old and love my classes at Hudson Barry Pilates for the following reasons  a modern studio, with all the latest  equipment,friendly happy instructors it is a pleasure to attend.

My instructor Matt Barry is very patient, understanding  and extremely informative about all is instructions so in return I find I am relaxed and eager to do my best for my body and learn as much as I can about pilates thank you Matt.

In the short time I have been ( 5months) my general health has greatly improved, much, much, more energy, more relaxed so therefore I am doing lots more in my day as I love being active I could not be happier.

The changes in my body that I have noticed is that I have a waist (first in a long time), I am aware of my posture and correcting it, weight loss of 5 kilos and much more movement. I can fasten the seat belt in the back of a car which I just could not do before,(the things we take for granted). My back and hip problems have greatly improved.

I will have to say I am so excited about  starting  my 4th term  because I am more than pleased with my results so far.

Thank you Hudson Barry Pilates.


Margaret H

Hi Melissa 

I just wanted to let you know that I am amazed at how much improvement I have noticed in my body with only undertaking 4 reformer sessions with you. I have a toddler and a 6month old who I am still breastfeeding and have had issues with my shoulders for a few months, lifting the 2 kids and feeding are the main cause. I have been trying physio, regular massage and seeing a Chiro to try and decrease my pain. 

I had a Chiro apt on the Wednesday and did my first session with you on the Thursday and have had 3 more sessions since. I saw my Chiro last Wednesday and she could not believe the difference in me and I have only added Pilates to what I am doing different. I too have noticed that I am not in as much pain and I am holding myself a lot better. Just thought I would let you know that even though I have been coming a short time, I have noticed a big difference and cannot wait to see what the term ahead is going to bring me!!!

Cheers Collette