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Hudson Barry Pilates is dedicated to the pursuit of wellness. One of the primary tools we use to achieve this balance is Pilates. We believe the Pilates method of body conditioning and correction is more than simply an exercise system, it’s an attitude and a brilliant approach to balance, strength and emotional alignment in your daily life.

We deliver authentic Pilates along with a philosophy that honours the holistic intention of Mr Joseph Pilates, to educate & help people "Return to Life" with his exercise method and other holistic naturopathic principles of living.

Do you fall into Overwhelm? Fatigue, Stress and Anxiety?

You're not alone and it's ok, you're just being HUMAN!

Life for everyone is a series of ups and downs, the most important thing to remember is that you can and will swing up again AND you can do something about it. Prioritise mindful movement!

I know how easy it is to take yourself off the priority list when you're busy, most often, self-care that takes a back seat right?

I TOTALLY get it, and you might say I learned the hard way about the importance of making the time to restore myself! I've been to the other side of BURN OUT and it ain't pretty!

If you don't STOP and RESTORE, you often BREAK & the FALL is HARD!

So when time is such a precious commodity, why not learn a method that ticks multiple boxes at once? Fitness, Mindfullness, Time-out, Meditation, Breathing, Strength and Flexibility!

We are all busy and it's so easy to fall into the trap of justifying the busy-ness, wearing like a badge of honour. BUT, is that really giving you what you want in life?

It's time to carve out the time for your self care & self love. If you don't "fill your tanks" back up, you'll have nothing left to share with those you love!

Pilates is a WONDERFUL start to the self-care journey.

Learning to align mind and body on the mat, to be intentional about breathe and how you move can not only free up tension in your physical body (& heal ailments) but it can allow you to shift emotions and feel calmer, more powerful, more resilient and free of stress and anxiety!

There's a MASSIVE upside for your family too! If you are calm you can BETTER navigate what your kids need and show them the way. So now is the time to ask yourself, what do you want for your family? Is it strength, sense of calm, purpose, excitement and resilience?

Hudson Barry is a family owned & run business. Melissa, Matt & their 4 children, have all used the Pilates method and many other Naturopathic wellness principles to guide their family choices, to transform their world from anxiety and stress into strength, resilience , abundance and a truly strong & connected family. A family with emotional intelligence, intentional choices around movement, mindfulness & wellness that is predominantly happy and literally strong!

If you're seeking better balance, better emotional health and strength in general, then let Melissa & her family's journey guide you and yours on your own personal transformation journey. It all starts on the mat.

"A perfect balance of body and mind is that quality in civilized man which not only gives him superiority over the savage and animal kingdom, but furnishes him all the physical and mental powers that are indispensable for attaining his ultimate goal - health and happiness"     

                                                                                                                    Joseph Hubertus Pilates - 1934

Our family mission is to help a million families around the globe discover the strength of true wellness, the capacity to play together with joy, the resources to create a calm family and to develop resilience and emotional balance with the Pilates method and other mindful & wellness strategies.

Welcome to the Hudson Barry Family.... your journey to health and happiness starts now!

Practicing self-care is like learning to fly....

it's your most valuable super power!  

Melissa Barry

Wondermum and the theory of everything

There was never a better moment in time to decide to transform your body and mind as well as strengthen your family with Pilates, Mind Body Alignment and Wellness strategies!

With the help of Hudson Barry Pilates improvements are quickly noted by all of our clients, whether online or in studio. The most notable are core strength, flexibility, stress reduction, postural alignment, more energy, leaner thighs and waist, improved sporting performance, pain reduction and overall a renewed sense of physical and mental well-beng.

Want some of that in your life? We're off to a great start and if you want to dive deeper and be more intentional with family wellness (or just your own), then we've got the courses and coaching to get you there! Or perhaps you want to become a pilates teacher? We've got that covered too with Melissa Barry Academy.

So If you desire a change for the better in life, then we have some great answers and a multitude of questions you need to start asking!

Whether you’re a lawyer, a doctor, a mum or an elite athlete, we can help you become better at it and move through life with more grace, more ease and a greater sense of purpose, excitement & well-being.  We're here to help men, women and children find their inner power and move with the elegance our bodies were designed to achieve and the peace of mind & happiness I believe was also a part of the design.

Every great journey needs a map, a decision to take the first step and a guide to save you taking some wrong turns. The work sometimes brings with it some "uncomfortable", (as we learn to lean on in and feel all of the things and let some things go) but it also brings with it a liberating return to the joy of life!

We hope you decide to partner with us on your journey and learn what we've managed to figure out along the way when it comes to building strength, resilience and happiness!


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